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As a family owned business, since 2004 we are growing raspberries and blackberries just 1km from beautiful Plovdiv city in Bulgaria. Our farms produce top quality fresh berries for local markets. As well as that, we are highly involved in IQF raspberries and blackberries production into various pack sizes to achieve a range of Frozen Fruit products for our customers. Certificates: Kosher, ISO, HACCP. We deliver worldwide.

We started growing HERITAGE RASPBERRIES on our first 8ha field in 2004 and gradually we increased our farm to 20ha. In 2006 we created our BLACKBERRY farm, initially with THORNFREE variety, imported from a Hungarian nursery.

In 2013 we introduced other blackberry varieties grown in New Zealand, Serbia and Great Britain with propagation material from a large UK nursery. All plants are thriving and producing great fruit for our fresh berry customers.

Our main line of business though is commercial production of frozen berries mainly for EU customers with annual volume of about 200 MT. To achieve best quality, in 2010 we invested in optical/lazer sorting technology

Our Products

We have the oppurtunity to offer you frozen fruits from our beautiful country, with preserved and natural taste throughout the whole year !


From the west part of Bulgaria we provide raspberries, blackberries and plums, while the strawberries and cherries come from the south of our country. The wild strawberries, blackberries and blueberries should be added as products that are collected and harvested in mountain forests.


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Plovdiv region, Bulgaria

Phone: (+359 899177988)